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Computes the uncertainty on the inclination of a circular disk based on the apparent major and minor axes of its elliptical projection.


tt.inclinationError(major, minor, majorError, minorError, trials=10000)
  • major: major axis
  • minor: minor axis
  • majorError: uncertainty on the major axis
  • minorError: uncertainty on the minor axis
  • trials: number of Monte Carlo trials to run to compute the median inclination and its uncertainty
  • inclination in degrees (where i=0 is face-on and i=90 is edge-on)
  • uncertainty in degrees


CASA <2>: tt.inclinationError(150,84,6,3)
  Out[2]: (55.960195350095795, 2.0556392018769625)

-- ToddHunter - 2015-01-31
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