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Calls the casa task imfit, then uses imview to plot the data, the model, and the residual images on the same page on the same intensity color scale (from zero to the max in the image). It also draws contours on the residual image (if there is significant flux above a specified value). Note that in order to produce the "data" image to plot, it runs imsubimage to produce an image equal to the size of the residual and model images (because imfit does not have an option to produce a subimage of the data).


au.imfitplot(img, region='', residual=None, model=None, logfile=None, colorwedge=True, 
            pngname=None, rms=None, startSigma=3.0, subimage=None,
            includepix=[], excludepix=[], box='', verbose=False, estimates='',
            pixrange=None, sidebyside=False, chans='')
  • residual: The name to call the residual image.
  • model: The name to call the model image.
  • logfile: The name to call the log file.
  • colorwedge: whether to include a color wedge in the plot
  • pngname: The name to call the two-panel png
  • rms: The rms value to use in contouring the residual image.
  • startSigma: the multiple of the rms at which to start the +- contours on the residual image
  • subimage: The name to call the data subimage.
  • includepix, excludepix and box: passed through to imfit
  • verbose: if True, then print the commands as they are executed
  • pixrange: the intensity range to display in image brightness units, e.g. [0,10.0]
  • chans: channel number string passed to imfit and imsubimage


                   region='box [[17:20:56.67557, -],[17:20:56.59472, -]] coord=J2000', 
Running montagePngs
Running montage -tile 2X1 -geometry 1000x1000+0+0  IN_VEX_1.3mmContin_all_ap_big.image.pbcor.23.model.png IN_VEX_1.3mmContin_all_ap_big.image.pbcor.23.residual.png IN_VEX_1.3mmContin_all_ap_big.image.pbcor.23.imfit.png

Example plots:

IN VEX 1.3mmContin all ap big.image.pbcor.2.imfit.png

IN VEX 1.3mmContin all ap big.image.pbcor.1b+d.imfit.png

-- ToddHunter - 2014-01-11
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