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Uses the axes parameter of imstat to compute the statistics of each plane of a CASA cube over a specified region or annulus in the primary beam response and generates a profile plot of maximum, sigma, rms, scaled MAD, and (optionally) minimum. See also imageStd.


au.imageStdPerChannel(img, region='', pbimg='', chans='', pbInner=0.3, pbOuter=0.2, 
                 std=True, mad=False, rms=False, plotmin=False, plotfile=''):
  • img: CASA cube
  • region: region to examine (default = whole image)
  • pbimg: if not blank, then set mask based this primary beam image, using the range of pixels between radii of pbInner and pbOuter
  • chans: range of channels to use (e.g. '4~50'), blank --> all channels
  • std, mad, rms: which values to return
  • plotmin: if True, then also plot the min
  • plotfile: name of png to produce
  • list of four values [np.median(v), np.min(v), np.max(v), MAD(v)]


au.imageStdPerChannel('n2d+.image', pbimg='n2d+.pb', plotfile='n2d+_perchannel.png')

-- ToddHunter - 2016-05-22
  • n2d_example.png:
    n2d example.png
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