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Reads the frequency from an image (CASA or FITS) and returns the primary beam FWHM in arcsec. Reads the observatory name and consults a table of antenna sizes (ACA, ALMA, SMA, VLA). See also imageAntennaDiameter and imageObservatory.


au.imagePrimaryBeam(img, header='',  returnRadiusInPixels=True, fwhmfactor=None, verbose=False)
  • header: dictionary output by imhead(mode='list'); if blank then this command will be run
  • returnRadiusInPixels: if True, then also return the radius of the beam in pixels
  • fwhmfactor: passed to primaryBeamArcsec
  • verbose: if True, then show the frequency read from the header
  • FWHM of primary beam in arcsec (and optionally in pixels)


CASA <17>: au.imagePrimaryBeam('calibrated_NGC_1068.ms_spw2_imagesub.tclean.mask')
  Out[17]: (17.036020070084064, 327.6157705785397)

-- ToddHunter - 2016-01-27

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