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Runs imstat on an image and reports back the value of a keyword. See also imageImstats to operate on a list of images, and imageCentroid to get image statistics without using the casa task.


au.imageImstat(img, region='', keyword='flux', index=0, verbose=False,
       pb='', pbInner=0.8, pbOuter=0.4)
  • img: name of CASA image
  • region: region to examine (default = whole image)
  • keyword: the dictionary key to extract and return
  • index: the index of the array to choose
  • verbose: if True, print the dictionary returned by imstat
  • pb: if not blank, then set mask based on pbInner and pbOuter


CASA <8>: au.imageImstat('image_band6_9exec.commonMask.noobs0.image',region='both_arcs.crtf')
  Out[8]: 0.02865346376089346

-- ToddHunter - 2015-02-10
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