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Plot a histogram of pixels of a CASA 2D image.


au.imageHistogram(img, region='', applymask=False, maskzeros=False, 
                   mask='', bins=20, plotfile='', xlim=[0,0], 
                   sigmaimage='', pbimage='', pblevel=0.5, 
                   markzero=True, markNegativeSigma=True,
                   markSigma=[1.0], xunits='mJy', debug=False)
  • img: the CASA image to read pixel values from
  • region: the region of img to use
  • applymask: if True, read the mask inside img and apply it
  • maskzeros: if True, then igore zero values in img
  • mask: a CASA mask to read and apply to img
  • bins: number of bins in the histogram
  • plotfile: png to produce
  • xlim: the xlimits to use on the histogram plot ([0,0]==automatic, which will extend to +-(0.5+max(markSigma))
  • sigmaimage: the image from which to compute the std. deviation (outside the mask of the mask image and above the pblevel) for drawing the sigma vertical dashed lines
  • pbimage: image from which to read the pb response to apply to sigmaimage
  • pblevel: value above which to use in the pbimage
  • markzero: if True, draw a solid vertical line at x=0
  • markNegativeSigma: if True, draw dashed verticle lines at -markSigma
  • markSigma: multiplicative values of sigma to draw as vertical dashed lines
  • xunits: if 'mJy', scale pixels by 1000, otherwise use the raw values

-- ToddHunter - 2016-03-08
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