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Runs imageCentroid for a list of images.


au.imageCentroids(images, threshold=0, axis3channel=None, axis4channel=None,
                   fractionalThreshold=None, aperture=None, crpixOffset=None,
                   verbose=False, normalize=False, radec=False, prec=3,
                   keepThresholdImage=False, sigmaThreshold=None, blc=None,
                   trc=None, radialThreshold=None)
  • threshold: the pixel value below which to ignore when finding the centroid
  • fractionThreshold: threshold value with respect to the peak pixel value
  • sigmaThreshold: set threshold to this number of sigma in the image
  • axis3channel: which channel to use on 3rd axis (default=all)
  • axis4channel: which channel to use on 4th axis (default=all)
  • aperture: diameter in arcsec within which to measure flux density
  • crpixOffset: compute offset from ref pixel in units: 'pixel', 'arcsec', 'mas', or 'rad'
  • verbose: if True, print all flux stats
  • normalize: if threshold is set, then set all pixel values to 1.0
  • radec: if True, return the centroid position in RA,Dec rather than pixels
  • prec: digits of precision to display after the decimal
  • keepThresholdImage: write a new image corresponding to the threshold
  • radialThreshold: maximum radius in pixels from image center to consider when threshold is set (use this to avoid distant noise spikes)
  • nothing


-- ToddHunter - 2015-01-21
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