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Main.MarkLacy 2010 09 07 Meeting minutes: 2012 05 21 Software: 3 development study proposals accepted with software or implications for software: ALMA data ra...
Helpdesk Integration Requirements Group Minutes: 2014 May 08 Logistics: * Time: 3pm 4pm * Rooms: CV 331/AOC 317/GB 137 * Video hub:
This wiki is quite out of date... Current Triage Support: CVL handles triage from 8AM 5PM; HIA handles triage from 5PM 8PM EST * Relevant webpages: ...
Helpdesk End to end Testing Guide Supplemental Instructions For JAO ALMA Integrated Test, May 10 June 4 2010 Section O1: Ticket submission * Go t...
Helpdesk Working Group Contents: Monthly meetings * Skype calls are how we host our meetings. Please view the Agenda/Minutes to find Skype usernames. * Fal...
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