Helpdesk End-to-end Testing Guide - Supplemental Instructions

For JAO ALMA Integrated Test, May 10-June 4 2010

Section O1: User support home page

0x08 graphic

  • Verify that the logo at top left correctly represent your regional affiliation

  • Select “Submit a Ticket”.

Section O1: Selecting a ticket category

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  • Select any category

  • Click “Next”

Section O1: Entering ticket details

0x08 graphic

  • Here the user enters a brief “subject” for this ticket, and a more detailed description of the problem in the standard input fields provided.

  • As the user enters data, Kayako automatically searches its knowledgebase for relevant articles to present to the user.

  • Enter a subject and description, then click “Submit”.

Section O1: Ticket confirmation

0x08 graphic

  • The user is presented with a confirmation screen summarizing the new ticket.

  • At this point, the ticket is guaranteed to be registered in the system.

  • A confirmation email will be sent

  • Click "Back" to return to support home page

Section O1: Support home page

0x08 graphic

  • Click "View Tickets"

Section O1: View ticket list

0x08 graphic

  • Click "Logout"

Typical confirmation email to observer

  • Check for e-mail update and click link

  • Login

Section O2: Ticket worklog

0x08 graphic

  • Verify ticket resolution

  • Change Status to “Closed” or “Open” as appropriate and click “Update”

  • Click "Logout", or "Back" to return to support home page.

Typical notification email to triage

  • Triage staff gets notification email for new ticket

  • Click link to view ticket

  • Login if necessary

Section T1: Assign Knowledgebase solution

0x08 graphic

  • Search for “power cord” in search widget

  • Click desired search result to insert into ticket reply

  • Change owner to appropriate triage person (self)

  • Change status to “Resolved”

  • Click “Send”

Section T1: Return to open ticket list

0x08 graphic

  • Click "View All"

0x08 graphic

  • Click “View All”

Section T2: Select a ticket

0x08 graphic

  • Click the “Subject” field of the appropriate ticket

Section T2: Edit ticket - add a note to the ticket

0x08 graphic

  • Click “Add Notes”

  • Enter some text for the note

  • Click “Add Note”

Section T2: Edit ticket - change priority and assign to a USS

0x08 graphic

  • Click on a ticket field to make ticket editable

  • If this is a ticket transferred from another ARC, change the department from "Transfer to..." to the appropriate local department.

  • Assign ownership to a User Support Specialist

  • Set a priority

  • Click “Submit”

<Follow steps in Section T2 (above) through “add a note to a ticket”>

  • Follow steps in Section T2 (above) through “add a note to a ticket"

  • Add a note indicating that the ticket should be handled at another ARC

  • Click “Add Note”

Section T3: Transfer the ticket

0x08 graphic

  • Set Department as “Transfer to XX” (choose an ARC)

  • Set Owner as “Unassigned”

  • Click “Submit”

Section S1: Select a ticket

0x08 graphic

  • Click the subject area of the appropriate ticket

Section S1: Edit a ticket

0x08 graphic

  • Click “Post Reply” tab

  • Enter content for the reply

  • Set Status “Resolved”

  • Click “Knowledgebase” checkbox to insert a new KB article based on this reply

  • Click “Send”

Section S1: Insert a new KB article based on resolved ticket

0x08 graphic

  • Enter a subject for the new article

  • Select a category, if appropriate

  • Add or modify contents if appropriate

  • Click “Insert Article”

<Follow steps in Section S1 (above) through “Select a ticket”>

  • Follow steps in Section S1 (above) through “Select a ticket"

  • Click “Post Reply”

  • In the “Contents” field, reference the external reference number

  • Set Status “Pending”

  • Click “Send”

Section S2: Search tickets

0x08 graphic

  • Click "Search" menu item, click "Advanced"

Section S2: Specify search parameters

0x08 graphic

  • Set dropdown widgets to "Status", "Equal", "Pending"

  • Click "Search"

Section S2: View search results

0x08 graphic

  • Verify that the result list contains the new ticket

  • Select the ticket

Section S2: Resolve external ticket

0x08 graphic

  • Click the "Post Reply" tab

  • Provide ticket resolution in content field

  • Set status "Resolved"

  • Click "Send"

Section S2: Staff view all

0x08 graphic

  • View of all assigned tickets

-- KellySharp - 04 May 2010
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