Steps for complete for new cycle on ALMA hd (admin)
  1. create new observing departments
  2. update prefix and suffix for auto ticket generation (
  3. update the auto close rule to include new observing departments -- under settings/tickets/auto close - ALMA Resolve Pending Tickets rule (
  4. update the csv settings(protrack- only used for linking , too departments- used for auto ticket gen, mass reply, mass watch,mass assign,add TOO,Jira linking,TOO linking-back to project) for departments (
Steps for push to prod, end augest, 2015
  1. tickets for push are 120,139,153,159,163,164,165,168,169,170,171,173,174
  2. Need Helpdesklogin app, ALMA,NRAO helpdesks, and help desk apps
  3. Make copy of Helpdesklogin folder, HDs and Apps folder before hand
  4. To deploy HelpdeskLogin, use tomcat manager app, then copy from workingconfigs folder
  5. pull Helpdesks - chown content, recopy the password and config files
  6. pull apps
  7. perform app updates on both HDs
Steps for push to prod, sep 21, 2015
  1. fixes are bug fixes for kb revs - limits not work, compare to current button broken, fix mass open of rev history, typos, missing creator on rule notification, cis-180
  2. change threads for nutch crawl to 2, exclude the help desks
  3. fix kb rev table size, fix typos in notifictions
  4. pull helpdesk apss
  5. chown
  6. perform app updates on both HDs
  7. check for template restores (esp alma) - nrao_viewtickets_list
  8. rebuild cache
Steps for push to prod Nov 3 2015
  1. fixes
    1. cis-171 update, add admin setting for new ticket as user
    2. cis-181, add some IE functionality, add unsupported browser flashy (at least until tested better)
    3. cis-188, change lost password on user interface to cas lost password
    4. cis 181, updates for IE
    5. cis-152, private notes disabled
    6. add test for multiple crawl jobs (cis-173)
    7. fix backup server throb to use search host
    8. modifications to for failover
    9. modification to allow changing of the crawl cron time.
    10. cis-191, remove kb articles
  2. maybe make cpy of pull script on susweb-dev
    1. stash/pull
    2. cd ..
    3. chown
    4. chmod
  3. perform app updates on both
  4. check new ticket as user setting - scripts app settings
  5. check template restores
  6. change the crawl times
  7. rebuild cache
Steps for push to prod on dec 14th 2015
  1. Need to add new config and config password items for cis-194 (ORACLE_CONNECTIONSTRING etc.), snoopy
  2. backup apps and hd to NO_BACKUP, deleting old copies
  3. need to pull the HD as well as the apps
  4. update the hdscripts app
  5. check template restores
  6. too add caps lock either reinstall almastaff-cas/nraostaff-cas or just copy the new .js file and update the top.jsps
  7. for snoopy:
      1. copy HD
      2. copy the db
      3. edit db url etc, disable all emails setting in db before accessing
      4. edit config to point to copy of db and be snoopy
      5. create new api keys, (update rest.config.php - no this is only for bos2kayako)
      6. disable the HD integration (no-nrao tickets) advanced/settings
      7. disable ES indexing and crawling
      8. set for alma and for test
      9. update testnotification, enable emails
      10. disable staff loginshare
  8. rebuild cache
  9. Fixes
    1. update for cis-152
    2. update for cis-183 (not sure if complete fix yet)
    3. cis-200, use max word count for kb irs.
    4. cis-201, using search fields causes red box
    5. cis-194, autoclose project tickets
    6. cis-186, fix http links with punctuation
    7. cis-203
    8. cis-204, snoopy access
    9. cis-196, fix back button for mass grids
    10. cis-173, cut the es bulk actions in half
    11. cis-190, add caps lock detection to staff and admin login
    12. fix search results for quick search - some tickets were made read-only
    13. cis-207
Steps for push to prod on March 21, 2016
  1. add code to inform that javascript is required.
  2. fix missing files errors (HTMLButtonBase and OnlineStaff)
  3. fix some IE7 compatiblity issues
  4. add some session checking around some of the ajax urls
  5. add javascript error logging
  6. fix elastic search indexing so deletion of old indexes works on year roll over.
  7. update ES settings, add jvm heap size to nutch crawl script
  8. cis-208, change some of the autocomplete emails to user search only
  9. fix searches with single quote
  10. cis-173, add some settings to be able to configure ES mysql queries, and only allow one ticket index at a time to be made
  11. add error logs for debugging notifications.
  12. cis-214, add staff view page to unified search
  13. cis-217 (unthrob proposal submission dept on ticket submit)
  14. cis-216
  15. cis-220
  16. cis-218
  17. cis-219
  18. cis-221
  19. cis-222
  20. cis-213 (spaces in user names for nraohd)
  21. cis-233, broken recent KB list, kayako bug submitted.
  22. disabled version of cis-234 (auto project ticket)
  23. added first part of cis-235.
  24. changed the search settings update so crawls start one hour after settings update, not NOW.

  • pull hdapps and both HDS(for error_logs)
  • update apps
  • rebuild caches
  • need to update search settings to get the indexing cron to update(parallel)
  • need to redo the crawl times after -- have 1 hour.
  • reenable NRAO crawl and redo crawl time!(once a week)
  • need to make sure the snoopy HD has a autoclose staff ID for the add to log(done)
  • give kelly admin acct in snoopy HD (and urls)(done)
  • need to restart ES, delete elasticsearch.log (permissions), chown the ES folder, data esp(permissions)
  • to update to ES v2, just do a pull....(not ready/committed)
  • make sure repos tagged.

Steps for push to prod on April 8 2016
  1. cis-235, make dept descriptions editable
  2. cis-219 fix
  3. cis-214 fix
  4. cis-219, fix errors in admin logs
  5. cis-173, updates to how the tickets are indexed and ready for using external elasticsearch/nutch
  6. fix the rest auth hook so that NRAO bos2kayako sets the right staff for visitor tickets

  • pull hd apps
  • NO - can pull hds for remove attachments setting...
  • rebuild cache
  • tag the repos
Steps for push to prod on Aug 4 2016
  1. update the search indexing so that names of creators and editors of kb articles are indexed, not just their ids.
  2. cis-178, allow email metadata by ARC
  3. cis-236-allow notification emails to be selected by Team.
  4. ssa-3644, autocreate project tickets from csv file.
  5. add ticket watching view
  6. add personalpref to collapse departments on the left side.
  7. security update from version 4.74
  8. SSA-3699/scireq-640, restore the search box on department selection on user interface
  9. cis-198/sci-req-725/ssa-3637, handle merged accounts
  10. fix the staff login error when using a ticket url
  11. ssa-3715 (disabled by default) - auto generate jira tickets and links

  • tag both repos, and tag helpdeskdataservice repo
  • ALTER TABLE swsessions MODIFY sessionid VARCHAR(255) - ON BOTH DBS! + Snoopy DB
  • deploy helpdeskdatabaseservice - verify config is for PROD!
  • pull hd (both) and snoopi HD
  • pull apps
  • install/update apps
  • rebuild cache
  • check settings
Steps for push to prod on Aug 10, 2016
  1. add jira apps and autogeneration of scops tickets
  2. allow admins (logged in staff interface) to delete users - to deal with the arc changing ticket problem.
  • tag hdapps
  • pull hdapps
  • rebuild cache
  • install jira apps
  • make sure linking is disabled in alma jira
  • check settings

Steps for push to prod on Aug 17, 2016
  1. ssa-3725, update help buttons to version 4.74
  2. fix by team notifications so that it does not send to disabled staff
  3. SCIREQ-879, remove the Post Reply button on client page after it is pressed.
  4. update CASA Jira app
  5. ssa-3733, fix the watchers/jira views pagination and add deptments.
  6. ssa-3732, fix the creator/replier search

  • tag hdapps and helpdesks
  • pull hdapps and helpdesks
    • ALTER TABLE swsearchstores MODIFY sessionid VARCHAR(255) - ON BOTH DBS! + Snoopy DB
  • update apps as needed.
  • rebuild cache
  • check settings

Steps for push to prod on Aug 18, 2016
  • update for ssa-3732 - don't search contents for name
  • update for scops generation, add additional emails into csv file as well
  • add Data base test for Admin to look for users w/2 primary emails
  1. tag hdapps
  2. pull hdapps
  3. rebuild cache
  4. check settings
Steps for push to prod on Aug 29, 2016
  • Add Jira search
  • Add tickets per page to personal prefs app
  • Add attachments tab
  • Fix a SCOPS generation bug that was creating lots of errors in the error log(does not affect actual function)
  • Fix errors in SCOPS Test
  • fix the number of pages calculated in the watch and jira ticket views
  • make ticket views work on watching/jira pages

  1. tag hdapps
  2.  =ALTER TABLE swjiraissues ADD hddeptmentid INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0= 
  3.  =ALTER TABLE swjiraissues2 ADD hddeptmentid INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0= 
  4. pull hdapp
  5. rebuild cache
  6. run the DBTest to fix the jira issues tables.

Steps for push to prod on 9/29/2016
  1. add customfield value search (ssa 3735)
  2. add mass attach to scops tickets and validate the attachment folder for all processes.
  3. Fix Jira search
  4. Fix ES crash on too many open files (ulimit on naaascsearch-prod)
  5. Add slow reindexing for tickets
  6. Add a fix(to test) for ssa-3740, tickets changing depts on reply
  7. cis-198/sci-req-725/ssa-3637, handle merged accounts
  8. Don't create tickets on email (ssa-3741)
  • tag hdapps, tag helpdeskdataservice repo
  • tag hds
  • copy current config, deploy helpdeskdatabase service, verify config
  • (complete)restart ES on naascsearc-prod, verify when it's up that the file limit has changed
  • pull hds
  • pull hdapp
  • rebuild cache

updates and Steps for push to prod on 10/21/2016 (for version 455)
  1. fix mass attach, test the time per run
  2. fix nrao login (already on prod)
  3. another attempt at 3740
  4. adjust timing so the delete button on mange user page shows up(when opening in new tab) - for admins
  5. Add auto generate data reduction tickets
  6. Add make watcher on staff note(ssa-3763)

  • tag hdapps
  • pull hdapps
  • rebuild cache
updates and Steps for push to prod on 10/24/2016 (for version 455)
  1. fix settings decriptions
  2. add delete button on staff manage user (NRAO HD)

updates and Steps for push to prod on dec 1 2016 (for version 455 - email parsing)

1. pull hds

2. rebuild cache.

3. create parser que

4.change email address in setting/general

updates and Steps for NRAO hd push to prod on 12/13/2016 (for version 455 - udbadmim email parsing)

  1. josh sets up mail transfer agent
  2. create user
  3. pull hdapps
  4. pull nrao hd
  5. rebuild cache
  6. update settings for which que and user
  7. create email que

updates and Steps for hd push to on 03/27/17 (for version 455 )
  1. Tags return, add index and search on them
  2. more email text to ignore settings
  3. change the sp title in search (get rid of welcome to the science portal)

  • pull hdapps
  • pull HD
  • rebuild cache
  • add any new email text to ignore settings
  • update apps
  • update HelpdeskDatabaseService
updates and Steps for push to prod of V4.781 on Aug 17 2017
  2. make copy of /opt/services -> so can copy webapps (and had to copy tomcat/init.d )
  3. make copy of apache local.conf
  4. -> always_populate_raw_post_data = -1 -- JUST COPY FROM COBWEB or SusWeb -Dev!!!
  5. output_buffering =4096
  6. in php.ini:error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT
  8. max_execution_time = 60 (for ops, see 14)
  9. put up off line page
  10. update php and mysql
  11. tag hdapps
  12. tag hds
  13. pull hdapps (branch v751)(make backup folder, make new folder(old name), then ---git checkout (-f) V751
  14. pull hd (branch v4781) (as above, change repo name) --then, alma git checkout -f V4781, nrao is V4781
  15. delete files from cache folder
  16. update config files for new db
  17. update tomcat app configs for new db
  18. copy setup directory to prod --- scp -r root@cobweb-dev:/export/home/cobweb-dev/setup_4751 to content folder (chown the folder !!!)
  19. go to helpdesk/setup
  20. run diagnostics and fix anything in php.ini (max runtime to 600, then back to 60 after)
  21. restart apache if changed php.ini
  22. run upgrade - 5 minutes or so
  23. delete setup folder
  24. rebuild cache(s)
  25. update all the templates (except those that have been modified)
  26. as admin, kb/maintenence/rebuild index.
  27. enable tiny mce in ticket settings
  28. run a few quick tests
  29. take down off line page
  30. ssa-3763 (add as watcher when add note to ticket)
  31. modify header template to use alma-logo-text.png, background black
  32. update ticket/settings for html tags etc.
  33. NRAO HD -verify that advanced tools/settings, have the departments selected.

updates and Steps for push to prod of cycle 5 updates Oct 2nd 2017
  1. tag apps
  2. tag HDs
  3. HD tickets:
    1. ssa-4166 -make parent ticket in audit log a link
    2. ssa-4194 - Split ticket notifications say what they are
    3. ssa-4170 -Hover over ticket on SI shows note instead of reply
  4. Apps tickets
    1. ssa-4186 - Creation of new Dept for PI to AoD communication (TOO)
    2. ssa-4166 - make parent ticket in audit log a link
    3. ssa-4198 - Notification rule editing
    4. ssa-4230 - Search button under Tickets takes you to advanced search
    5. ssa-4182 - Add Ticket ID number to the subject line
    6. ssa-4170 -Hover over ticket on SI shows note instead of reply
  5. copy config files somewhere
  6. pull HDs
  7. pull apps
  8. rebuild cache
  9. update apps
  10. restore templetes
  11. TOO settings
  12. rebuild cache (both)
  13. add TOO projects (who?)
updates and Steps for push to prod of version 4.80.2 on 12/21/2017
  1. tag apps
  2. tag HDs
  3. HD tickets:
    1. ssa-4377
  4. Apps tickets
    1. ssa-4330
    2. ssa-4331
    3. ssa-4339 - multiple unwatch at once.
  5. copy config files somewhere
  6. get copy of all modifed templates before pulling
  7. DONT RESTORE THE TEMPLATES, leave them out of date.
  8. pull HDs
  9. rebuild cache
  10. run setup
  11. delete setup
  12. pull apps
  13. rebuild cache

updates and Steps for push to prod of version 4.91 on march 16 2018
  1. kayako release notes :
  2. and
  3. tag apps
  4. tag HDs
  5. Note the casa department setting(in advanced tools on admin panel) - all depts settings on nrao
  6. HD tickets:
  • ssa-4420
  • ssa-4525
  • ssa-4583

  1. Apps tickets
    1. ssa-4526
    2. ssa-4516
    3. ssa-4450
    4. ssa-4525
    5. ssa-4583
  2. copy config files somewhere
  3. DONT RESTORE THE TEMPLATES, leave them out of date.(must restore (and then update any modified) 'clientcss', 'footer', and 'submitticket_form'
  4. pull HDs
  5. rebuild cache
  6. chown
  7. run setup
  8. delete setup
  9. pull apps
  10. chown
  11. rebuild cache
  12. alma - reset the casa departments (in advanced tools on admin panel)
  13. nrao - reset the depts settings (in advanced tools on admin panel)
  14. restore any out of date templates (not modified) and language
  15. check for any app updates and templates for them.
  16. if necessary, modify the header template in all groups for search box(test search..)
  17. copy kayako-logo-dark.svg to /__swift/files renaming to .png (fix image on chrome/safari) (on each desk, chown)
  18. insert into swsettings (section, vkey, data) values ('headerimage','supportcenter','kayako-logo-dark.png');

    insert into swsettings (section,vkey,data) values ('headerimage','controlpanel','kayako-logo-dark.png');

  19. rebuild cache
  20. update apps(ssa-4583)
  21. move the institution setting(nrao only)
  22. see 3 (templates)
  23. scp the whole thing and diff to cobweb/staging

updates and Steps for push to prod of version May 23 2018
  1. tickets:
    1. SSA-4628
    2. fix to allow for collapse of notes on reply tab.
    3. fix an image
    4. fix for empty notifications
    5. SSA-4629
    6. fix for preferences app bug
    7. SSA-4704
  2. tag repos
  3. copy configs somewhere
  4. pull apps
  5. pull HDS
  6. chown/chmod if needed
  7. rebuild cache
  8. update apps as needed
  9. rebuild
updates and Steps for push to prod of version May 31 2018
  1. pull apps, rebuild cache
  2. fix for ticket_getbasecontent hook(errors in log and notifications not right) and delete the auto watch note on trigger ticket cron (had 20)

updates and Steps for push to prod Aug 8 2018
  1. pull apps, rebuild cache
  2. switch alma to V4791 branch -(was to fix susweb-dev's repo)
  3. pull hds, rebuild cache
  4. update alma integration app, restore templates (just TOO one)
  5. rebuild cache
  6. SSA- 4877 fix for TOO tables - fix date sort and some red boxes
  7. SSA-4892
  8. SSA-4891
  9. SSA-4920
  10. SSA-4922
updates and Steps for push to prod OCT 10, 2018
  1. SSA-4971 - multiple cr link on ticket 14215
  2. update to version 4.92-2
  3. SSA-4390 - Paste preserves format
  4. SSA-4981 - Tickets not going overdue
  5. SSA-4898 -Add date selection tool to ToO Trigger page
  6. SSA-4629 -Add Number of tickets in Closed status on Quick Filter
  7. run setup
  8. delete setup dir
  9. rebuild cache
  10. restore langs
  11. restore templates (non-modified) - for nrao, think can just restore all, mods are new additions.
  12. change privacy to (in admin panel, settings/user consents)
  13. or
  14. update regpolicytext (change Kayako to ALMA/NRAO)
  15. update footer template to add 'paste_as_text: true,' to tinymce.init(if needed)
updates and Steps for push to prod on Jan 10 2019
  • SSA-5269 - add list of watchers for non-solar trigger tickets
  1. tag branch app_492-4
  2. turn off hds
  3. pull hd apps
  4. git checkout app_492-4 (miss named)
  5. turn on hd for me
  6. rebuild cache
  7. check it
  8. turn on for all
  9. because updates are broken(should be fixed):
  10. dbvis: insert into swsettings (section,vkey,data) values ('settings','alma_trigger_ticket_extra_watchers','');
  11. dbvis: insert into swsettingsfields (sgroupid,name,customvalue,iscustom,settingtype,app,displayorder) values ('330','alma_trigger_ticket_extra_watchers','','0','text','alma_helpdesk_integration','34');
  12. rebuild cache
  13. add data to new setting.

updates and Steps for push to prod on jan 17 2109
  • update to 4.92-4

  1. make copy of settings pages - if it dumps settings/departments
  2. turn off access(while setup)
  3. copy setup
  4. tag all
  5. pull apps
  6. git checkout master
  7. check apps for updates
  8. pull hd (configs?)
  9. rebuild
  10. run setup upgrade
  11. delete setup
  12. allow access if disabled
  13. rebuild cache
  14. restore out of date templates
  15. check settings (esp casa depts and nrao departments)

updates and Steps for push to prod on April 26 2019

  • update to 4.92-6
  • SSA-5314 - put project ticket id on too project add
  • SSA-5237 - changes to custom fields for proposal change requests
  • SSA-4945 - extra notification on auto project tickets
  • SSA-5357 - overdue alerts for staff
  • SSA-5433 - kb subcatagories
  • SSA-5443 - count kb views
  • SSA-5451 - tooltip for dept names and staff names
  • SSA-5454 - add create problem report button
  • SSA-5449 - add link to project tracker
  • SSA-5442 - remove previous messages from emails
  • SSA-5452-allow staff to turn off tiny MCE editor
  • SSA-5450-add button on ticket view to open the department
  • SSA-5446 - kb - change Newest articles to Last Updated
  • SSA-5412 - send email if email parser can not open mailbox
  • SSA-5453 - update user's institution on login

  1. make copy of settings pages - if it dumps settings/departments(or dump settings table) -- find which are being killed and write up sql to save/restore.
  2. turn off access(while setup)
  3. copy configs if needed
  4. copy setup
  5. tag all
  6. pull apps
  7. check apps for updates
  8. pull hd (configs?)
  9. rebuild cache
  10. run setup upgrade
  11. delete setup directory
  12. rebuild cache
  13. remove javascript disable (37) for ssa-5433
  14. restore out of date templates/phrases
  15. check settings (esp casa depts and nrao departments)
  16. create the custom fields for alma - see staging (proposal change request dept)
  17. check the email ques -- is password encrypted? if not, have to remake them.
  18. update alma setting in advanced tools for ssa-5449 - problem reports jira settings ( csv list of department ids.)
  19. update recentarticle phrase for SSA-5446 (from Newest articles to Last Updated)
  20. allow access
  21. get admins/arc to update data for ssa-5357 (overdue tickets deptments ...HDScriptsApp/DepartmentOverdueAlerts)
  22. update yourticketdetailsdesc phrase to include 'Please only fill the relevant fields for your request. If you are requesting a Spectral Setup Change, please include the Current and Revised Central Frequency (sky) [GHz] and Bandwidth [MHz (km/s)] '
updates and Steps for push to prod on june 11 2019

SSA-5503 - Updates to the change of ARC tickets (requires the deployment of updated userregistration using the hdproxy)

SSA-5582 - for srdp, add data products button.

updates and Steps for push to prod on Nov 6 2019

  • update to version 4.93-1 - there are updates in the apps that won't work with 4.92-6!
  • SSA-5622 - add macro reply to tickets
  • ssa-5656 - fix to nrao email que.
  • SSA-5675 - tweaks to custom fields
  • SSA-5285 - Delegated Users should be able to trigger a project
  • SSA-5357 - Monthly Overdue notifications fix
  • SSA-5683 - update emails from nrao_200
  • SSA-5825 - force users to select a department when submitting a ticket.
  • SSA-5824 - remove previous content from reply by email
  • SSA-5855 - show user's email in ticket info box
  • SSA-5827 - try and parse user's email in udb tickets.
  • SSA-5881 - on reply by email to note notification, create new note, not post.
  • NRAO HD - change phrases errstinvaliddepartmentid and sterr_invaliddepartment to "Please select an appropriate department to submit a ticket."

  1. done-make copy of settings pages - if it dumps settings/departments(or dump settings table) -- find which are being killed and write up sql to save/restore.
  2. done-check which notifications are enabled - they all ended up disabled on cobweb....
  3. turn off access(while setup)
  4. copy configs
  5. copy settings
  6. copy setup
  7. tag all
  8. update pull scripts for php-7
  9. check ..../content/.user.ini? -- compare w/old one -- check admin diagnostics page to make changes take!
    1. memory_limit = 256M
    2. max_execution_time = 600
      magic_quotes_gpc= Off - this is gone from php 7.
    3. post_max_size = 32M
    4. upload_max_filesize = 32M
    6. not supposed to need to restart php but it is slow -- so service php-fpm restart.
  10. pull apps
  11. update/add the nrao200 config items - in config.php
  12. disable nraosync job for testing
  13. pull hd (configs?)
  14. check NRAO branch!
  15. rebuild cache
  16. NOTE:had to change perms/owners of links on staging
  17. run setup upgrade
  18. delete setup directory
  19. rebuild cache
  20. check apps for updates
  21. verify that then pending status is not marked as resolved ->tickets->status
  22. check the new nrao200 mapping table, run the sync test - should be nothing but spaces - if not, drop table and redo w/the test version.
  23. --to run test use ....../nraohelpdeskintegration/nraointegrationcron/NraoUserSyncJobTest
  24. restore out of date templates/phrases
  25. check settings (esp casa depts and nrao departments)
  26. need Timeout 600 ProxyTimeout 600 in apache settings?
  27. make sure email que passwords are encrypted - if not "change the password"
  28. update phrases (see above)
  29. verify settings - enable auto ticket gen was disabled on staging.
  30. allow access
  31. php log file at /var/log/php-fpm/www-error.log
  32. check hdproxy (UPDATE it!) -- start it!

*when do php 7 *

chown -R php-fpm content/

chmod -R a+rx content/

log file is /var/log/php-fpm www-error.log

Timeout 600 ProxyTimeout 600  in apache settings
updates and Steps for push to prod on ??
  • SSA-5997 - personal pref for block formating

Deskpro Install notes:

to get an auth app installed, copy folder then under apps, resync apps and it will show up.(nrao_cas)

however, the auth code is else where in their src, so use the db auth instead.

disable anonymous tickets -

disable tickets for the everyone group

disable comments for the everyone group

selecting disable deskpro user management means no login.(until get the db auth app working)

hard code the test email settings in:


models are in(used in templates as contexts):


the deskpro env: deskpro/app/run/lib/DpRun/DpEnv.php

it can take awhile before logs show up in the apache error logs (<1 minute or so)

so, they use symfony:

the agent default page is ticketsearchcontroller:runNamedFilterAction

the routes are created in application/agentbundle/resources/config/agent-routing.php (admin is same but in admininterfacebundle)


/ the full page


import bundle(where importer models etc are):


if you do this:php bin/console cache:clear

then must chown the ../var/kernel_cache/###/prod directory back to php-fpm:apache

can run ../bin/check_requirements, it will also provide a url for doing a web check, which produces different information

can delete the twig directory in the prod cache.

to clear the cache, just delete the prod directory(mv to ./prod_bk) it will get rebuilt on next page load - loading routes and changes to twigs.

setup for bkup-alma
  1. in /export/home/helpdesk-staging create db-cron dir
  2. in db-cron create .dbsync dir
  3. cd .dbsync
  4. virtualenv ./bkupalma
  5. in ./bkupalma/bin run ./python -m pip install cx_Oracle --upgrade
  6. ./pip install mysqlclient
  7. ./pip install sqlalchemy

When Doing Updates:

1. download the zip file first
  1. download the zip file first (from deskpro members area)
  2. do diff on files we have modifed and update them if neccesary
    1. ../customfiles/deskpro/app/src/Application/AdminInterfaceBundle/Resources/views/Index/interface.html.twig
    2. ../customfiles/deskpro/app/src/Application/AgentBundle/Resources/views/Main/index.html.twig
    3. ../customfiles/deskpro/app/src/Application/EmailBundle/Mail/RawTransport/ALMA_RawSwiftmailerTransport.php (for staging only)
    4. ../customfiles/deskpro/app/src/Application/EmailBundle/Mail/RawTransport/NRAO_RawSwiftmailerTransport.php (for staging only)
    5. ../customfiles/deskpro/app/src/DeskPRO/Bundle/ImportBundle/Storage/Storage.php (for importer only)
    6. ../customfiles/deskpro/app/src/DeskPRO/Bundle/ImportBundle/Writer/EnttityHandler/TicketHandler.php (for staging only)
    7. ../customfiles/deskpro/app/sys/Boot/Boot.php
    8. ../customfiles/deskpro/app/sys/config/routing.php
  3. disable access to users/staff
  4. update / push to (will need to update the build # in the paths) -- uncomment any out for speed w/build # in path, including the apiclient!
  5. create if needed customfiles folder
  6. BACKUP the Db so if need to revert we can! -- /usr/local/bin/nrao-mysqlbackup
  7. disable the email account (esp on staging) so emails do not go out
  8. do update can do in gui- easy
  9. create folder build#/src//Application/AdminInterfaceBundle//Resources/views/Nrao
  10. create folder build#/src/DeskPRO/API
  11. run the push script
  12. chown to php-fpm:apache
  13. edit the bash script to change build numbers (
  14. clear the cache
  15. enable the email accout(s)
  16. test that the agent TOO etc works (may have to dump cookies etc.)
  17. run hdproxy /deskprotest
  18. copy importers/kayako/config.php to new app folder till delete it need.
  19. make sure our jobs are still there.
  20. enable access to users/staff

Things to test after update:
  1. password reset

Doing transfer to Deskpro:

after import have to go through all the departments and enable the permissions.

during test time/at install:
  1. set email acct to staging, use the staging email files
  2. sync files
  3. set the file attachment storage to file! (admin, under server settings)
  4. run importer (have to get the config.php file in the importer directory if have done an update!)
  5. do update
  6. push script.
  7. add bkup-alma
  8. add admin settings.
  9. create jobs/TOO table (Unable to find a TOO ticket - trigger id=14571 - this is ok, that ticket does not exist on prod)
  10. need to edit the breadcrumbs template (on alma) to add TOO - portal/edit template/portal/ header/breadcrumbs.html
  11. enable access
  12. edit portal header on both HDs to add in the javascript needed! also edited portal breakcrumbs template
  13. create API_agent - create api key for api_agent, updatge config file to add key.

actual bringing live:
  1. shutdown kayako access(in apache and change db passwords), shutdown the proxy and all the crons
  2. limit access to deskpro prod to cob.
  3. find last ticket id imported
  4. sync files (has files from swfiles table as well)
  5. run importer - tickets, kb,people -- should dump before doing it? (that takes hours)
  6. modify custom field import to only import data where ticket id >see above
  7. do customfields with import_customfieldsvaluesworking=1
  8. update tickets set ticket_status_id=3 where urgency=6;
  9. change email account to the prod account -- will use staging for the test stage of the deskpro prod server
  10. undo the staging email files (test sends)
  11. enable udb-admin on nrao hd.
  12. remove addWatchesToTickets from the new ticket check on both.
  13. start hdproxy
  14. sometime before shutting down naascsearch vm, get copy of scripts/setups

Email ticket triggers:

enable new tickets for all ques - for all but udb, set trigger to send an email saying to creation and delete the ticket.

reply triggers -- set up one to ignore replys that are automated (have 6 settings in kayako) -- i'm on vaction etc. (don't see this, have to ask) --shows how to ignore a reply

udb -> allow all

can create a dummy user

can set ticket user in trigger

can parse the email to find the user? (ssa-4583)

create a trigger that sets the user of the ticket to a dummy(need to look in email body for the instutioal request text) (different than above)

create a task that runs every ??? , select * tickets where user = dummy

parse the ticket message and find the user and set it.

or can use a web hook for this. (and maybe for setting slas....)


if they do not create a java api client, use the php one! - have java do a get on a php file on the same server.


to get the app installed (on alma), install, uninstall, then hit update settings.

start with json-service-master. (including the node_modules dir)

copy the app.js from deskpro:App.js ยท GitHub

install jquery. (use yarn!!!)

to build

install yarn

cd to folder

yarn run build

can then upload the zip file from the build dir.

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