Helpdesk Integration Requirements Group Agenda: 2014 Sep 18

  • Time: 3pm - 4pm EDT
  • Rooms: CV-331/AOC-317/GB-137
  • Video hub:
  • Audio: 434-817-6286
Attendance: Heidi, Drew, Anand, Carol, John, Alison

Agenda / Minutes

  • Update Socorro on current integration plan.
  • Revisit linked-account ticket view.
    • We discussed again the users' ticket view and decided our requirement should be that the linked-account user in the NRAO interface is able to see all tickets at the same time.
  • Integrated staff view.
    • The staff interface should allow all staff to search across all CASA departments. CASA is common to ALMA (all ARCs) and VLA, and information contained in tickets should be accessible for reference by all staff.
    • NRAO staff should be able to search across both NRAO and ALMA departments.
  • We discussed escalation rules and whether or not tying ALMA and NRAO rules together would be a problem. Drew and Heidi indicated that it would be best if escalation rules vary depending on the type of ticket / department; they don't make use of the rules currently. No requirement needed at this time.
  • We discussed helpdesk reports. Drew and Heidi were not familiar with "reports". Anand agreed to email them with a link to the ALMA reports so they can then decide if there are any requirements that would be beneficial to Socorro.
  • AOB
  • Next meeting: Thursday, Sept 25 @ 3pm EDT
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