Helpdesk Integration Requirements Group Minutes: 2014 May 30

  • Time: 11am - noon EDT
  • Rooms: CV-331/AOC-280
  • Video hub:
  • Audio: 434-817-6286

Agenda / Minutes

Updated draft. Requirements Doc v0.6

  • Account linking description
    • Email from Gustaaf
    • Inserted into draft with questions from Anand interspersed.
    • We have agreed that a pop up or new browser window can be used to advise account linking.
  • User groups defined by HD functionality (new section 5)
  • Overhaul of ticket department description (section 6)
    • Inclusion of UI Groups
    • Updated mapping of current to proposed departments
    • ACTION: Gustaaf and Heidi will review VLA current and proposed department mapping and reply by email.
  • KB UI needs to be defined or mockup created
    • ACTION: Carol will create a description/mockup of the integrated KB category structure
  • Any other to-dos that we should put on list?
    • Carol reports that she will call a meeting of the ALMA HDWG for week of June 9th.
  • Next meeting: Friday, June 6, 11am EDT / 9am MDT

To do list
Done Assignee Description Notes
DONE Anand Define department structure for all user groups Updated section 6
  Anand Define account linking procedure w/ mockup; make 2nd pass on Gustaaf's description Description sent through email
  Anand Clearly describe where account linking is required and where it is optional  
  Carol Is KB category reorganization required? If so, define structure, create mockup. (Think thru UI: search functionality and categories)  
  Anand Create use case for user with different email addresses Update use cases last
DONE Anand Define functionality for all classes of users. (Current Venn diagram shows users organized by facility usage; create similar diagram or list showing users organized by differing HD functionality) Added to draft in section 5
  Anand Put together document / mockup for presentation to the HDWG  
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