Usage of getuvrange

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Returns the minimum uv spacing, maximum uv spacing and number of visibility points for the specified ms, regardless of source. See also getBaselineLengths, which can compute the projected baseline lengths toward a specific target.


uvmin, uvmax, nvis = au.getuvrange(vis='', innerFraction=1.0, verbose=True)
If innerFraction is specified to be less than 1.0 (default), then the calculation is performed only over the fraction of the data starting from the innermost uv points.


CASA <10>: au.getuvrange('')
  UVrange: 15.112 to 303.599 m (computed over 100% of the data)
  Out[10]: (15.112217840520019, 303.5985721955181, 24304)

CASA <11>: au.getuvrange('',innerFraction=0.5) 
  UVrange: 15.112 to 105.467 m (computed over the inner 50% of the data)
  Out[11]: (15.112217840520019, 105.46650480504701, 12152)

-- ToddHunter - 2012-12-20
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