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Returns a dictionary keyed by ALMA weather station ID, with the value equal to the station name ('WSTBn'). See also getWeatherStationPositions and getWeatherStationNamesFromASDM.


au.getWeatherStationNames(vis,  prefix=['WSTB','METEO','OSF'], 
  • prefix: restrict the search to stations whose names begin with these strings
  • returnNearestAntennas: if True, then return a dictionary with keys being the weather station names and their values being dictionaries keyed by 'antenna' name, 'distance' in meters, and 'pad'.


CASA <6>: au.getWeatherStationNames('')
{27: 'METEO130',
 28: 'METEO201',
 29: 'METEO309',
 30: 'METEO410',
 31: 'WSTB1',
 32: 'WSTB2'}

-- ToddHunter - 2015-03-27
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