Usage for getSubscanTimesFromASDM

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Reads the subscan information from the ASDM and returns a dictionary of form:
{scan: {subscan: {'field': '3c273, 'integrationTime': 2.016, 'numIntegration': 5, 'subscanLength': 10.08}}}
where the scan numbers are the top-level keys.

The subscanLength is computed by the difference between endTime and startTime. The integration time is computed by dividing the subscanLength by numIntegration.


CASA <3>:  mydict = au.getSubscanTimesFromASDM('uid___A002_X5bf173_X91/')
Found 30 scans
CASA <4>: mydict[13]
{1: {'field': '3c273',
     'integrationTime': 6.048,
     'numIntegration': 5,
     'subscanLength': 30.240000000000002}}
This shows that scan 13 is composed of 1 subscan.

-- ToddHunter - 2013-02-05
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