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Returns the [[RA],[Dec]] in radians for the specified field in the specified ms. If run in casa >= 4.2.0, it will (by default) use ms.getfielddirmeas(), instead of reading the DELAY_DIR field of the ms directly. This will return the correct RA, Dec position for ephemeris targets when there is an ephemeris attached (as the DELAY_DIR will remain 0,0 in this case). See also getRADecStringForField.


au.getRADecForField(ms, myfieldId, usemstool=True, forcePositiveRA=False, verbose=False, blendByName=True)
  • field: ID or name
  • usemstool: if True, use ms.getfielddirmeas; otherwise use tb.getcell from FIELD table
  • blendByName: if True, convert field IDs to name, and then back to ID, which will increase the number of fields, e.g. for mosaics


CASA <3>: au.getRADecForField('',1)

CASA <2>: au.getRADecForField('',1,forcePositiveRA=True)
array([[ 4.79476125],

-- ToddHunter - 2013-09-27

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