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Returns the local tangent plane coordinates of the specified ALMA pad from the file AOS_Pads_XYZ_ENU.txt distributed with analysisUtils. If not specified, then it returns all ALMA pad positions. This function is only strictly needed if (casadef.subversion_revision < '25324'), as later versions can use getCOFA along with simutil.itrf2loc, but this is still a convenient method.


au.getPadLOC(pad=None, neighbor=False, diameter=12, vis=None, antenna=None, returnPads=False)
  • pad: None, a single string, or a list of strings
  • neighbor: True, False, or a positive integer
  • diameter: of antenna in meters, used to calculate maximum elevation for shadowing by neighboring pad (neglecting pad height difference)
  • vis: if specified, get the date of observation, and possibly the pad from this measurement set
  • antenna: if vis is specified and pad==None, then get and use the pad containing this antenna name
  • returnPads: if True, the return the pad name(s). Default=False for backward compatibility of old calibration scripts (created in casa ~4.1)

Returns: A list of format: [X, Y, Z, padName]
  • if pad=None is specified, it returns all pads
  • if a list is specified, it returns a list of position lists
  • if a single name is specified, it returns a single position list
  • neighbor: if True, and if a single pad is specified, also return its nearest neighbor pad name, its distance (in meters) and its azimuth (in degrees). If an integer, return the nth closest neighbor and its distance and azimuth


CASA <4>: au.getPadLOC('A001')
  Out[4]: (-33.894125959999997, -712.75164840000002, -2.3300894959999998)

CASA <2>: au.getPadLOC('A030',neighbor=2)
nth nearest neighbor is A025 at 17.28 m away at azimuth 248 deg.

-- ToddHunter - 2013-06-13
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