Usage of getObservationSummaryFromASDM

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Read the start time and stop of the observation and the list of antennas used in an ASDM, or a list of ASDMs, and return a string with this information.


  • asdm: a single ASDM name or a list of names or a list specified by a single string with a wildcard character


CASA <2>: au.getObservationSummaryFromASDM('uid___A002_X90989d_Xdae')
DA41, DA42, DA43, DA45, DA46, DA48, DA49, DA50, DA51, DA52, DA54, DA56, DA60, DA61, DA62, DA63, DA64, DA65, DV04, DV06, DV07, DV08, DV09, DV10, DV11, DV12, DV13, DV14, DV15, DV17, DV19, DV22, DV25
  Out[12]: "2014-10-19 09:54:34 UT to 2014-10-19 10:46:58 UT, ['DA41', 'DA42', 'DA43', 'DA45', 'DA46', 'DA48', 'DA49', 'DA50', 'DA51', 'DA52', 'DA54', 'DA56', 'DA60', 'DA61', 'DA62', 'DA63', 'DA64', 'DA65', 'DV04', 'DV06', 'DV07', 'DV08', 'DV09', 'DV10', 'DV11', 'DV12', 'DV13', 'DV14', 'DV15', 'DV17', 'DV19', 'DV22', 'DV25']"')

-- ToddHunter - 2015-03-25
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