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This function will find the OUS that an ASDM is associated with by reading the ExecBlock.xml table. Note that it is not possible to get the project code from the ASDM. Alternatively, one can use the Project Tracker if it is available:
  • In the lower left window that has column headings "Entity" and "Status", click on the SG of interest, one-level below the "ObsUnitSet" folder. Its icon is a light blue stack of square clocks. (It is one level above where the icon is a single yellow square clock.)
  • In the window in the right, at the top, the "Status entity ID" is the OUS ID.
  • (This is different from the "Sched Block id" and the "Status entity id" that you would see if you clicked on the level below, with the yellow icon.)

If you don't know the ASDM name, use the web shift log tool.


CASA <2>: au.getOUS('uid___A002_X5b06c4_X5c9')
ous = uid://A002/X5a9a13/X528 = uid___A002_X5a9a13_X528
  Out[2]: 'uid://A002/X5a9a13/X528'

-- ToddHunter - 2013-01-28
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