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Gets the median Tsys value for an ASDM or a list of ASDMs. See also getMedianPWV.


  • asdmlist: either a list of strings or a single string with wildcard character(s).
    • Files containing .ms and those not starting with uid___ are ignored.
    • If the string does not have a wildcard character, then interpret it as a single file.
    • If the file is not a directory (i.e. not an ASDM), then interpret it as a file that contains a list of ASDMs to process.
  • if a wildcard is given: returns a dictionary of Tsys values keyed by ASDM name
  • otherwise: returns the single median Tsys value


CASA <4>: au.getMedianTsys('X8be/uid___A002_X915f1c_X8be')
X8be/uid___A002_X915f1c_X8be:  79.505224
  Out[4]: 79.505223794102761

CASA <6>: au.getMedianTsys('X*/*')
X11d6/uid___A002_X907514_X11d6:  122.835205
X1716/uid___A002_X916b15_X1716:  66.661161
X8be/uid___A002_X915f1c_X8be:  79.505224
X1484/uid___A002_X8fd70d_X1484:  75.904782
X1f23/uid___A002_X92ec61_X1f23:  142.532950
X1099/uid___A002_X92c694_X1099:  68.317469
X43c/uid___A002_X923b56_X43c:  71.444266
X65f/uid___A002_X923b56_X65f:  70.375399
X188b/uid___A002_X8fd70d_X188b:  72.073035
{'X1099/uid___A002_X92c694_X1099': 68.31746929000451,
 'X11d6/uid___A002_X907514_X11d6': 122.83520456080717,
 'X1484/uid___A002_X8fd70d_X1484': 75.90478151246117,
 'X1716/uid___A002_X916b15_X1716': 66.661160575406001,
 'X188b/uid___A002_X8fd70d_X188b': 72.073035270519625,
 'X1f23/uid___A002_X92ec61_X1f23': 142.53295025302913,
 'X43c/uid___A002_X923b56_X43c': 71.444266130651357,
 'X65f/uid___A002_X923b56_X65f': 70.375399069189683,
 'X8be/uid___A002_X915f1c_X8be': 79.505223794102761}
-- ToddHunter - 2014-11-17
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