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This function will compute the median and standard deviation of the PWV value written by TelCal into the CalWVR.xml file of the ASDM. It will first look for the values in the ASDM_CALWVR table of the ms, but if it doesn't find it, it will look for CalWVR.xml in the present working directory, then in the ms directory. This means you can simply copy that table from the raw ASDM into one of those directories, rather than copying the whole ASDM. See also getMedianTsys.


CASA <3>: help(au.getMedianPWV)
Help on function getMedianPWV in module analysisUtils:

getMedianPWV(vis='.', myTimes=[0, 999999999999], asdm='', verbose=False)
    Extracts the PWV measurements from the WVR on all antennas for the
    specified time range.  The time range is input as a two-element list of
    MJD seconds (default = all times).  First, it tries to find the ASDM_CALWVR
    table in the ms.  If that fails, it then tries to find CalWVR.xml in the
    specified ASDM, or failing that, an ASDM of the same name (  If neither of
    these exist, then it tries to find CalWVR.xml in the present working directory.
    If it still fails, it looks for CalWVR.xml in the .ms directory.  Thus,
    you only need to copy this xml file from the ASDM into your ms, rather
    than the entire ASDM. Returns the median and standard deviation in millimeters.
    -- Todd Hunter


CASA <4>: au.getMedianPWV('.')
  Found  533  rows in CalWVR.xml
  Out[4]: (1.2244519118950992, 5.1391110658179027e-05)

-- Main.ToddHunter - 2011-11-22
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