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Uses the ms and msmd tools to get the integration time in a measurement set. If nothing else is specified, it will use the first scan that has the OBSERVE_TARGET#ON_SOURCE intent (or other specified intent). Alternatively, the scan can be specified. If the spw is not specified, then the first spw in that scan that has the specified intent is used


au.getIntegrationTime(vis, spw=None, intent='OBSERVE_TARGET#ON_SOURCE', scan=None, 
                                    method='first', pointingTable=False)
  • spw: integer or string
  • scan: integer or string
  • method: 'first', 'median', 'mean', or 'stdev'
  • pointingTable: if True, then also compute the median of the INTERVAL column in the pointing table


CASA <2>: au.getIntegrationTime('')
Picking scan 17, which is the first with intent=OBSERVE_TARGET#ON_SOURCE
Picking spw 49
  Out[2]: 6.0479999999999494

-- ToddHunter - 2013-10-02

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