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Calls the af tool 7 times using the following categories: 'Total','Science spws','Bandpass','Flux','Phase','Target','WVR spw' and collects the results into an html string. You need write permission on the measurement set.


import analyzemscal as amc
amc.getFlagStatistics(msWithPath, scienceSpws='', qa2dir='', cleanup=False, debug=False, 
            htmlfile='flagstats.html', totalOnly=False)
  • scienceSpws: restrict calculation to the specified spw list (a comma-delimited string)
  • cleanup: if True, then overwrite the existing htmlfile, if present
  • htmlfile: the name of the one-line html file to produce
  • totalOnly: stop after computing stats over whole dataset


CASA <19>: splitcal = amc.getFlagStatistics('')
v1.458_2660:    calculating for all data...
v1.458_2667:    for science spws:
v1.458_2670:    for bandpass cal
v1.458_2675:    for phase cal
v1.458_2680:    for target
v1.458_2685:    for flux/amplitude

CASA <20>: splitcal
  Out[20]: 'Total: 60.877%,  Science spws: 60.877%,  Bandpass: 32.505%,  
Flux: 30.934%, Phase: 54.750%, Target: 65.724%, '
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