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Reads the ASDM_EPHEMERIS table from a measurement set. See also casaEphemeris.


au.getEphemeris(vis, ephemerisId=-1, useASDM_Ephemeris=False, verbose=True)
  • use_ASDM_EPHEMERIS: if True then use the ASDM_EPHEMERIS table if False, then search the FIELD subdirectory for files of the name format:
  • ephemerisId: if specified, then limit the return values to the specified ephemeris ID
Returns 3 lists:
  • MJD seconds, RA_radian, Dec_radian


CASA <17>: mjd, ra, dec = au.getEphemeris('')
Ephemeris 0 begins 21.550733 minutes before observation begins.
and it is 1476.000000 minutes long
CASA <22>: mjd[0]
  Out[22]: 4920435120.0
CASA <23>: ra[0]
  Out[23]: 2.1594308554000001
CASA <24>: dec[0]
  Out[24]: 0.1100817508

-- ToddHunter - 2015-01-08
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