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Returns an array of channel widths (in Hz) for the specified msmd instance (or measurement set) and spw (or spw list). See also effectiveResolution and effectiveBandwidth.


au.getChanWidths(mymsmd, spw='') 
  • mymsmd: an instance of msmd, or the name of a measurement set
  • spw: integer or comma-delimited string


CASA <3>: au.getChanWidths('')
array([ -1.56250000e+07,   1.93750000e+09,  -1.56250000e+07,
         1.93750000e+09,   1.56250000e+07,   1.93750000e+09,
         1.56250000e+07,   1.93750000e+09,  -1.56250000e+07,
         1.78125000e+09,  -1.56250000e+07,   1.78125000e+09,
        -1.56250000e+07,   1.78125000e+09,  -1.56250000e+07,
         1.78125000e+09,  -6.10351562e+04,   2.50000000e+08,
        -2.44140625e+05,   5.00000000e+08,  -1.56250000e+07,
         1.79687500e+09,  -1.56250000e+07,   1.79687500e+09])
-- ToddHunter - 2015-09-06
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