Usage of getBaselineLength

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It is sometimes useful to know whether a bad-looking baseline is relatively long or short for its configuration. This will tell you length in meters. It does not account for projection toward any observed source.


  au.getBaselineLength(msFile='', ant1='DV01', ant2='DV02')


CASA <2>: au.getBaselineLength('','PM03','DV10')
Length of PM03-DV10 (8-5) is 16.586 m.
Of 36 baselines, this baseline length is percentile 0, where 100=longest.
  Out[2]: (16.586160356439592, 'PM03', 'DV10')

CASA <2>: au.getBaselineLength('',ant1=0,ant2=1)
Length of DA41-DA42 (0-1) is 72.723 m.
Of 78 baselines, this baseline length is percentile 61, where 100=longest.
  Out[2]: (72.722969794694535, 'DA41', 'DA42')

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