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Returns a dictionary of antennas-pads association: e.g. {'DA41': 'S301'}. To perform this function on a measurement set, use msmd.antennastations(), or use getAntennaPads. See also getPadLOC.


au.getAntennaPadsFromASDM(asdm, keyByPadName=False)


CASA <8>: au.getAntennaPadsFromASDM('uid___A002_Xa9f45b_X20aa')
The ASDM bindings library is not available on this machine. Using minidom code instead.
{'DA41': 'A137',
 'DA45': 'A135',
 'DA46': 'A058',
 'DA47': 'A101',
 'DA49': 'A029',
 'DA50': 'P413',
 'DA51': 'A085',
 'DA53': 'A114',
 'DA54': 'A090',
 'DA55': 'A060',
 'DA56': 'A117',
 'DA57': 'A113',
 'DA59': 'A021',
 'DA65': 'W201',
 'DV01': 'A072',
 'DV03': 'A103',
 'DV04': 'A011',
 'DV05': 'A118',
 'DV09': 'A007',
 'DV10': 'A096',
 'DV13': 'A076',
 'DV16': 'A077',
 'DV19': 'A033',
 'DV23': 'A087',
 'DV24': 'A080',
 'DV25': 'A083',
 'PM04': 'T703'}

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