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This function generates a CASA reduction script for an ALMA dataset. It is maintained by E. Villard. See also twoSourceDataset, which will modify the intents of a two-source DelayCal dataset to allow it to be run through this script generator.


es.generateReducScript(self, msNames='', step='calib', corrAntPos=True, timeBinForFinalData=0.0, 
                  refant='', bpassCalId='', chanWid=1, angScale=0, run=False, lowSNR=False, 
                  projectCode='', schedblockName='', queue='', state='', upToTimeForState=2, 
                  useLocalAlmaHelper=False, tsysChanTol=1, sdQSOflux=1, 
                  runPhaseClosure=False, skipSyscalChecks=False) 
   * msNames: a string or a list of strings of UIDs (either ASDM or MS) to process
   * step: calib, softreg, fluxcal, imaging, wvr, all, calsurvey, SDeff, SDcalibLine, SDcalibCont
   * corrAntPos: if True, then run correctMyAntennaPositions
   * timeBinForFinalData: a value in seconds (string, int, or float), passed to split
   * refant: the reference antenna to use (instead of automatic selection)
   * bpassCalId: use the specified source for bandpass (rather than the intents)
   * chanWid: integer, used by runCleanOnSource and searchForLines
   * angScale: value in arcsec, used by runCleanOnSource and searchForLines
   * run: if True, then run the script after creating it
   * lowSNR: Boolean passed to doBandpassCalibration to use whole spw for pre-bandpass phase-up
   * projectCode, schedblockName, queue, state, upToTimeForState: used for automatically finding EBs
   * useLocalAlmaHelper: if True, run tsysspwmap inside generator, rather than in the resulting script
   * tsysChanTol: integer argument passed to tsysspwmap
   * sdQSOflux: flux density to use for quasar in single dish case (step='SDeff')
   * runPhaseClosure: if True, run au.phaseClosureStats
   * skipSyscalCheck: if True, don't check for negative Tsys problems

New option (October 2015) : PhaseDiff: produce an extra step calculating phase offsets between spws (useful in low-SNR cases which necessitate spw-mapping or spw-merging for gain calibration)

-- CrystalBrogan - 2014-07-21
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