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The script was used during ALMA Cycle 0 (and at least part of Cycle 1) to create a QA2 report to be delivered with the data to the PI. It was originally consolidated, tested, and maintained by Eric. More recently, Todd is the maintainer.


es.generateQA2Report(ms1='', ms2='', phase_cal='', target='', target_source='', 
                     tsys_field='', dospw='', refAnt='', qa2_output_dir='', 
                     uvrange='0~30m', autoscale_yaxis=True, fdmSpwsToImage='', 
                     ant_phase_temporal_caltable=None, wvrspw='', avgchannel=5,
                     flaggedFraction=0.75, phaseDiff='',useLocalAlmaHelper=True,
                     ampcalspw=[], phasecalspw=[], nSpwsFlagged=0, 


  • ms1: the name of the parent ms (any trailing '/' will be removed)


  • ms2: the name of the split ms (the default is to add ".split" to ms1)
  • phase_cal: the source ID of the phase calibrator as a string (e.g. '3')
  • target: the field ID of the science target as a string (e.g. '3')
    • It is used by es.target_spectrum, and for cleaning and plotuv.
    • The default is the ID of the target_source
  • target_source: the source ID of the science target as a string (e.g. '3')
    • It is used by es.sensitivity_calculator.
    • The default is the first source with OBSERVE_TARGET intent.
  • tsys_field: the field ID to use for Tsys stats as a astring (e.g. '3')
  • dospw: a list of spws to use in target_spectrum (e.g. '0,1')
  • refAnt: the reference antenna name to use in wvr_stat (e.g. 'DV05')
  • wvrScanIntent: the scan intent to use in wvr_stat (e.g. 'FLUX')
  • qa2_output_dir: the directory to write the output files
  • uvrange: the uv range to use in target_spectrum (e.g. '0~30m')
  • autoscale_yaxis: Boolean passed to wvr_stat
  • fdmSpwsToImage: a list of spws to image in target_check (e.g. ['2','3'])
  • ant_gain_check_caltable: the caltable to use in ant_gain_check
  • ant_amp_check_caltable: the caltable to use in ant_amp_temporal
  • ant_phase_check_caltable: the caltable to use in ant_phase_temporal
  • wvrspw: the science spw to use in wvr_stat (e.g. '17')
  • avgchannel: the number of channels to average in target_spectrum (integer)
  • flaggedFraction: when computing clean cellsize, don't consider baselines for antennas whose data are flagged by more than this fraction
  • ampcalspw: which spws to plot in ant_amp_temporal (default = all)
  • phasecalspw: which spws to plot in ant_phase_temporal (default = all)
  • nSpwsFlagged: number of spws that were fully flagged during calibration


  • Run Eric's reduction script generated by es.generateReducScript() in an appropriate directory.
  • Run es.generateQA2report('msname')


   1. tsys_stat() expects          
   2. ant_gain_check() expects     
          but you can specify it via the optional ant_gain_check_caltable argument
   3. bandpass_rms() expects       
   4. bandpass_plot() expects original table
            and also looks for smoothed table
   5. ant_amp_temporal() expects   
       if it doesn't find it, it looks for
          but you can specify it via the optional ant_amp_temporal_caltable argument
   6. ant_phase_temporal() expects 
       if it doesn't find it, it looks for
          but you can specify it via the optional ant_phase_temporal_caltable argument    
   7. flux_values() expects        
-- ToddHunter - 2013-03-27
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