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Computes the gain at the specified radial offset from the center of a Gaussian beam. For the inverse function, see gaussianBeamOffset.


au.gaussianBeamResponse(radius, frequency=None, fwhm=None, diameter=12.0, taper=10.0,
                        obscuration=0.75, verbose=False, showEquation=False,
                        use2007formula=True, fwhmfactor=None)
Required inputs:
  • radius: in arcseconds
  • and one of the following:
    • fwhm: in arcseconds
    • frequency: in Hz or GHz (float or string with units, GHz is assumed if value<1000)
    • If frequency is specified, ALMA 12m parameters are assumed.
Optional inputs:


CASA <3>: au.gaussianBeamResponse(10, fwhm=50)
  Out[3]: 0.8950267608170881
CASA <4>: au.gaussianBeamResponse(10, frequency='86GHz')
  Out[4]: 0.94142247625203801

-- ToddHunter - 2015-01-31
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