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Convert an optical velocity into different optical and radio frames (LSRK, TOPO). Written by Remy Indebetouw. See this GBT page for a description of the various frames.


au.frames(velocity=286.7, datestring='2005/11/01/00:00:00', ra='05:35:28.105', dec='-', equinox='J2000', observatory='ALMA', prec=4)
    Converts an optical velocity into barycentric, LSRK and TOPO frames.
    -Remy Indebetouw
    velocity: in km/s
    datestring:  "YYYY/MM/DD/HH:MM:SS"
    ra: "05:35:28.105"
    dec: "-"
    equinox: "J2000" 
    observatory: "ALMA"
    prec: precision to display (digits to the right of the decimal point)


CASA <4>: au.frames(velocity=286.7,datestring='2005/11/01/00:00:00',equinox='J2000',ra='05:35:28.105', dec='-', observatory='ALMA')
optical Doppler vel  = 286.7000 km/s
optical BARY velocity = 286562.9104m/s
radio LSRK  velocity  = 271125.2389m/s
radio LSRK doppshift  = 271002.7500m/s
radio TOPO  velocity  = 288283.0487m/s
radio TOPO doppshift  = 288144.5741m/s

-- ToddHunter - 2012-09-24
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