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Computes the mean flux density for a field across all spws in a dictionary returned by fluxscale. Nans are ignored by using the numpy ma functions. See also fluxscaleParseLog.


au.fluxscaleMean(fluxscaleDict, fieldID=None, fieldname=None, verbose=True)
  • fluxscaleDict: a dictionary returned by the CASA task fluxscale
  • fieldID: int or string
  • fieldname: string
  • verbose: if True, then print a sentence describing the result
You must provide either fieldID or fieldname

  • mean flux density weighted by 1/uncertainty**2


CASA <9>: au.fluxscaleMean(fluxscaleDict,fieldID=2)
Uncertainty-weighted mean flux density over 6 spws: 1.2304 +- 0.0160 Jy
  Out[9]: 1.2303502501732695

-- ToddHunter - 2014-09-26
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