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Reads a concatenation of fluxscale log messages and computes the statistics on the flux density derived for a specified source and spw.


au.fluxscaleLogMean(logfile, field=None, spw=None, showMedians=True,
                     showMaxDeviations=False, dropWorstOutlier=True,
  • logfile: ASCII file output by the CASA task fluxscale, or a concatenation of several of them
  • field: field name to restrict calculations to
  • spw: spw ID (integer or string) to restrict calculations to
  • showMedians: if True, also compute median+-MAD
  • showMaxDeviations: if True, show the largest outliers in each direction
  • dropWorstOutlier: if True, repeat the calculation after dropping the worst outlier from the median
  • referenceField: if specified, only consider flux densities obtained with the specified reference field name


CASA <3>: au.fluxscaleLogMean('hltau_b3_fluxstats.txt',spw=3,field='J0431+2037', dropWorstOutlier=True,showMedians=True,referenceField='J0510+1800')
5 measurements for ['J0431+2037'] using J0510+1800
Mean+-std = 0.179126+-0.008493 (4.741509%)
Median+-MAD/.6745 = 0.175781+-0.003324 (1.890957%)
Dropping worst outlier: 0.195779
Mean+-std = 0.174963+-0.001874 (1.070946%)
Median+-MAD/.6745 = 0.174660+-0.002133 (1.221053%)

-- ToddHunter - 2015-02-20
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