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Finds the spectral axis number of a CASA cube (0-based). Returns -1 if not found. There are two implementations, the one in toddTools that works on an image and the one in analysisUtils that works on an ia tool instance. The latter is faster if you already have the ia tool open for some other reason.

Usage1: Works on an image



CASA <11>: tt.findSpectralAxis('calibrated_NGC_1068.ms_spw2_imagesub.tclean.mask')
  Out[10]: 3

Usage2: Works on an ia tool instance



CASA <9>:'calibrated_NGC_1068.ms_spw2_imagesub.tclean.mask')
  Out[9]: True
CASA <10>: au.findSpectralAxis(ia)
  Out[10]: 3

-- ToddHunter - 2015-05-12
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