Usage of findRADec

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Takes an image and converts an RA, Dec value into pixel coordinates. See also findPixel, which is the inverse function.


au.findRADec(image, radec='', round=True, getvalue=False, beam=None)
  • round: round the pixels to the nearest integer
  • getvalue: if True, then print the pixel value
  • beam: if not None, and getvalue==True, then interpret this as the FHWM beam in arcsec, assume the image is in MJy/sr, and compute the Jy/beam at this pixel


CASA <9>: au.findRADec('IN_VEX220.LINE_hann.image','17:20:55.3 -35:45:01',round=True)
  Out[9]: (189, 407)

-- ToddHunter - 2013-11-27
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