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Returns the distance in AU for: 2*B_max**2 / wavelength


au.farfieldDistance(vis=None, field=None, frequency=None, maxbaseline=None, intent=None, ignoreChanAvgSpws=True)
  • vis: a measurement set from which to read the max frequency and baseline
  • field: the field toward which to compute the 90th%ile projected baseline
  • frequency: in GHz, or a string with units
  • maxbaseline: in meters


CASA <12>: au.farfieldDistance(maxbaseline=9667,frequency=233)
  Out[12]: 0.9709951427401431

CASA <3>: au.farfieldDistance(maxbaseline=au.getBaselineStats('Juno4.ms.cal',field=0)[-1],frequency=233)
Using scan =  9                                                                                         
Found 528 baselines                                                                                     
Projected lengths toward the source:  min=25.282358, max=12092.562732, rms=4214.270012 meters           
number=528, min=25.28m, max=12092.56m, median=3278.34m, mean=3460.01m, std=2405.91m                     
20%ile=1254.5m 25%ile=1423.9m, 30%ile=1691.5m, 75%ile=4888.0m, 90%ile=6722.4m                           
  Out[3]: 0.46955099661944194   

-- ToddHunter - 2015-03-25
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