Thanks to all who were able to come to today's meeting.

An incomplete list for the coming week:

  • Geoff and Josh will finish up the Band 9 open-ended waveguide measurements, and then start on the Band 3 measurements. It was noted that NSI will be making some changes to the rotatation stage.

  • We're still waiting for the open-ended waveguides for Bands 6 & 7. They are due in at the end of next week.

  • Richard will follow up with Andrey on the remaining inconsistencies in data analysis, and whether there may have been a correction that wasn't carried out. Eventually, we all need to decide how much of the NSI software to use and how much our own. Richard will also respond to Bernard on the recommended analysis procedure.

  • Josh will follow up with NSI to try to resolve what's happening with the NSI lambda/4 displacement phase correction.

  • Richard will be in CV next week, and will visit the NTC lab.

  • We will probably have another telecon next Friday (26th), while Richard is in CV. To be confirmed later next week.

Cheers, Darrel.

-- ToddHunter - 19 Sep 2008
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