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Extract a single row or column from a CASA or FITS image. See also overlayCuts.


au.extractCutFromImage(myimage, row=None, column=None, stokes='XX', channel=0, 
                                           gaussfit=False, verbose=False, showplot=False, 
                                           interpolate=False,  plotrange=[0, 0, 0, 0],
                                           scaleToArcsec=True, shiftPeakToCenter=True)
  • row: row to extract, default = center, if negative, then take 45deg cut from (0,0)-(n,n)
  • column: column to extract, default = center, if negative, then take 45deg cut from (0,n)-(n,0)
  • gaussfit: if True, perform a Gaussian fit centered on the maximum pixel, with its amplitude normalized to one.
  • showplot: show the resulting Gaussian fit in a graphics window
  • interpolate: if True, the perform a UnivariateSpline interpolation to the data
  • verbose: pass this to gjinc().gaussfit
  • scaleToArcsec: convert the x-axis from pixels to arc seconds
  • shiftPeakToCenter: adjust the x-axis so that the peak of the spline lies at x=0.0
  • the xaxis along the cut (in arcsec), the intensity data of the cut, the row, the column, and the frequency (in Hz)


-- ToddHunter - 2013-12-11
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