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Estimates the synthesized beam FWHM from the max baseline length and representative frequency in an ASDM (using representativeFrequencyFromASDM, getBaselineStatsFromASDM, and printBaselineAngularScale). See also estimateSynthesizedBeam for a method that operates on a measurement set.


au.estimateSynthesizedBeamFromASDM(asdm, useL80method=True, verbose=False)
  • useL80method: if True, use .574lambda/L80 (i.e. Eq 7.4 of Cycle 4 Technical handbook); if False, then use the max baseline
  • value in arcsec


CASA <40>: au.estimateSynthesizedBeamFromASDM('rawdata/uid___A002_Xa2ce2e_X7bd',verbose=True)
minAcceptableResolution = 0.148976 arcsec"
maxAcceptableResolution = 0.182082 arcsec"
representative frequency = 455.436592 GHz
80 percentile baseline length is 381.193427 m
  Out[40]: 0.20444872381753434

-- ToddHunter - 2016-03-15
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