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There is also a casaguide page for this function.

Sometimes the intent for a source specified in the OT are incorrect, especially in Early Science. This problem can confound automatic processing scripts being developed for ES data reduction. To correct this problem, we have borrowed a script from John Lightfoot of the pipeline group, and made it a command-line utility rather than an interactive utility. We also added three additional intents (WVR, ATMOSPHERE and SIDEBAND_RATIO) in use by ALMA. See also modifyIntents. At some point, for easier pipeline usage, I need to write editIntentsASDM to change the intents in the ASDM.


au.editIntents(msName, field, scan='', newintents='', help=False, append=False) 
  • field (required): can be the integer ID or the string name (but not the integer ID as a string)
  • scan (optional): can be an integer or an integer string
  • newintents can be a list of strings, or a single comma-delimited string (choose from: TARGET, BANDPASS, PHASE, AMPLITUDE, FLUX, ATMOSPHERE, WVR, SIDEBAND_RATIO, DELAY, or their corresponding full name, like CALIBRATE_BANDPASS)
  • append: set this to True if you simply want to append additional intents onto the field


au.editIntents('', field=0, newintents='DELAY,PHASE,WVR')
au.editIntents('', field='3c454.3', newintents=['DELAY','PHASE'])
au.editIntents('', field='3c454.3', newintents=['DELAY','PHASE'], scan=4)
-- ToddHunter - 2011-10-19

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