Usage of editFieldnameASDM

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Changes a field name in the ASDM (in 4 files: Source.xml, Scan.xml, Subscan.xml and Field.xml'). This is useful if the field has a character that casa does not like (e.g. '[', ']', ','). See also editIntents and editFieldname which operate on a measurement set.


au.editFieldnameASDM(asdm, field, newname):


CASA <5>: au.editFieldnameASDM('../rawdata/uid___A002_X3fdb4f_X78c','J1256-057, 3C279','J1256-057; 3C279')
Replaced 41 lines in Source.xml
Replaced 8 lines in Scan.xml
Replaced 18 lines in Subscan.xml
Replaced 1 lines in Field.xml

-- ToddHunter - 2013-05-16

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