List of Documents to be produced by DSO and the ARCs

Draft list of documents and people/ARCs responsible (taken from SciOps wiki)


For ALMA Observers

bold = done; GREEN = NA ARC responsibility; BLUE = EU ARC responsibility; RED = EA ARC responsibility

Needed by SciOps Readiness Review (materials due Sept 29)

  • Document 1: Call for ALMA Early Science proposals (capabilities, expectations, preconditions) - CSV/DSO. WAS NOT GENERATED. SEE POST-OPSRR LIST
  • Document 2: "A Quickstart Guide for Early Science with ALMA", vers.A1 (pdf)
    • General workflow; location & requirements for s/w tools; additional documentation
    • Plan is to evolve this into a "Proposers Guide"
  • Document 3: "Observing with ALMA: A Primer for Early Science" (pdf) (Jan 5th draft)
    • introduction to ALMA, interferomtery, submm observing, include ~half dozen proposing Early Science "recipes"
  • Observing Tool documentation:
    • "ALMA Observing Tool (Phase 1) Walkthrough: Early Science Version", vers. A (pdf)
    • Better annotation for OT "templates" - (incorporated within OT template library)
    • "Observing Tool User Manual" - delivered by CIPT (version for IT3)
    • "Observing Tool Reference Manual" - delivered by CIPT (draft pdf for IT3)
  • "Project Tracker Operations Manual", vers. 0.3 (pdf)
  • CASA documentation (note: CASA has been a publicly release package in active use since July 2008, so all documentation is publicly deployed):
  • "User Portal and ALMA Science Archive (ASA) User Manual" (pdf)
  • Splatalogue
    • "The ALMA Spectral Line Catalog: Splatalogue", vers. B2 (pdf)
    • "Splatalogue Quickstart Guide", vers. 2.1 (pdf)
  • Users guide of each ARC (proper to each ARC)
    • "Guide to European ARC" (includes EU ARC nodes)
    • NAASC User Services - this information is posted and maintained on the NAASC Science website:
    • Users Guide to EA ARC (in Japanese)
  • Science Operations User Web Pages - DSO

Enhanced Documentation to be generated prior to Call for Proposal [CfP] or Early Science [ES]

  • Document 1: Call for ALMA Early Science proposals (capabilities, expectations, preconditions) - CSV/DSO Draft for IT3
  • ALMA Frequently Asked Questions (serve from helpdesk knowledgebase) [start by CfP]
  • Additional chapters in "ALMA Quickstart" [ES]
    • Retrieving (ASA): DSO
    • Data Products (description of reduction script, QA parameters)
  • Early Science OT guides - pattern after Casaguides (at least one for each of the Early Science examples in the ALMA Primer) [CfP]
  • CASA Reduction recipes using ALMA Science Verification data - ARCs
  • OT Users Guide/Cookbook - EU ARC (is this necessary? Walkthrough and UM/RM/in-line help may be sufficient) [ES?]
  • Webpage for multimedia Tools/demos - All ARCs

Enhanced Documentation to be generated post-Early Science

  • "CASA in a nutshell" for mm/submm observers - all ARCs
  • Advanced Observing Techniques with ALMA (how to do different types of observations - spectral surveys, absorption line obs, if/when to use ACA, OTF)

For the DSO/ARCs:

  • Recipe "matrix" spreadsheet (list of important ES observing modes and what we plan to develop recipes for - OT-I recipes, OT-II recipes, CASA, simulator, etc) - EA ARC (pdf)
  • PRP Operations Manual (Reviewers) - DSO
    • Phase One Manager Operations Manual
    • Users Manual (including all roles, TA, SA, PA, chairs etc.)
    • Policy Guidelines
  • PHT Operations Manual - DSO
    • Policy Guidelines (high level - ALMA Board document)
    • UP Registration Manual
    • Ph1M Manual for the PHT
    • Proposal submission process Management Manual
    • Policies for Scientific Assessment (draft generated for Integrated Test 2)
    • Policies for Technical Assessment (draft generated for Integrated Test 2)
  • Schedule Block Validation Staff Manual
    • include policies for any changes between ph-I and ph-II
  • Scheduler Manual - DSO
  • Pipeline Manual - Pipeline team. [Not for ES]
  • Quality Assurance and Trend Analysis Manual - DSO
  • Manual Scheduling Block Creation Guide (for Observing Tool Observatory Use) - EU ARC and DSO (There is a possible draft of this in existence)
  • Array Operator Operations Manual (DSO) (online only, on Wiki - checklists, procedures)
  • AoD Operations Manual (DSO)
  • JAO/ARC Bug tracking system (will this require manual/policies? e.g. QA3 reports)
  • Helpdesk
    • Kayako Helpdesk for ALMA: Administrators guide (configuring and maintenance) - NA ARC
    • Helpdesk Staff guide (Instructions for User Support Specialists, how to respond to questions, what to publish as knowledgebase article) (version 2.0, for IT3)
  • Updated Implementation Plans - All
  • Updated Requirements Documents: Helpdesk (NA ARC), User Portal (DSO)
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