Charges for the September 2004 Meeting

ASAC GENERAL CHARGE 5 August 2004 The ALMA Scientific Advisory Committee (ASAC) will provide advice on those major issues presented to the ASAC by the Project Scientist or the ALMA Board that affect the science capabilities of ALMA and require decisions to be made or priorities to be set regarding project tasks and resources. The ASAC will be kept informed of progress and developments in ALMA through periodic reports and briefings provided by the Joint ALMA Office and shall meet at least twice a year. Reports of the ASAC’s deliberations will be made in writing to the Board by the Chairperson of the ASAC following each Committee meeting, on a schedule specified in advance by the Board. The Project Scientist serves on the Committee ex officio.

Charge for the Meeting of 27-28 September 2004, Charlottesville, Va.

The ASAC is requested to consider the following topics, and make recommendations to the Board that include your recommended priority or time scale where your recommendations require expenditure of ALMA’s fixed resources: 1. Recommend clear, science-based criteria to be used by the Project in preparing tradeoff studies should budgetary constraints make it necessary to reduce planned activities in the baseline project following analysis of the responses to the antenna procurement process.

2. Following thorough assessment of the pros and cons of policies in use at existing ground- and space-based facilities, including those currently operated by the ALMA Executives, ASAC is invited to consider policy recommendations on: a. how to facilitate joint projects between scientists of different partners, b. how to handle large proposals with significant scientific duplication, and c. whether provision needs to be made at this time for legacy projects and, if so, what mechanisms should be used for such projects. These complex, often-contentious issues should be addressed in the spirit of demonstrating how ASAC believes their recommendations, if adopted, would maximize ALMA’s scientific impact.

3. Help the Science IPT to plan their study of the impact of calibration on a handful of the most challenging major science goals, in particular by providing ASAC’s views on the types of projects you feel are the most challenging from a calibration point of view. Review and comment on the Science IPT’s report when finished.

4. Consider in more detail how the choice of objects for demonstration science with ALMA might be made and in particular how to facilitate involvement by the broader community in that process.

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