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detectNegativeTrx(vis='', antenna='', spw='', showfield=False, vm='', pol='', edge=0, showAllRowsForAntenna=-1)
Reads the SYSCAL table of the specified ms and searches for negative values of TRX_SPECTRUM, printing a summary for each row as it finds them.
  • If an antenna is specified (ID or name), then only that antenna will be displayed.
  • If an spw is specified (integer or string), then only that spw will be displayed.
  • If a pol is specifed (integer or string: 0 or 1), then only that polarization will be displayed
  • If showfield=True, it will run ValueMapping (casa < 4.1.0) or use the msmd tool (casa >= 4.1.0) in order to list the field name and scan associated with the row.
    • If vm is not a blank string, it will try to use this structure rather than run ValueMapping (to save time) * If edge is non-zero, then that many channels will be ignored on both edges of the spws.
  • Returns: the value of vm, either a blank string, or a ValueMapping structure if showfield was True

-- ToddHunter - 2012-09-04
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