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Computes the differential deflection due to solar gravity for two fields in a measurement set.


tt.deflectionDifferential(vis, field1, field2, exaggerate=10, sunsize=20)
  • vis: measurement set
  • field1: field ID or field name of first field
  • field2: field ID or field name of second field
  • exaggerate: the factor by which to lengthen the deflection vector (beyond the default factor of 3600*1000
  • sunsize: the size of the star symbol marking the Sun


Here is an example for the August 23, 2015 test dataset. CASA <2>: tt.deflectionDifferential('',0,1) Deflection of field 0 = J0954+1743 = 0.065 (-0.031E,+0.057N) at PA=-28.3 due to solar distance = 7.17 deg Deflection of field 1 = J0931+1414 = 0.048 (-0.046E,+0.014N) at PA=-73.0 due to solar distance = 9.66 deg Differential deflection = J0954+1743 - J0931+1414 = 0.017 (+0.015E,+0.043N) Saved plot to Out[2]: (0.016816984858595015, 0.015298717003989309, 0.043163441052930206)

-- ToddHunter - 2015-08-27
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