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Accepts the ALMA band number. Returns the default sideband gains for the signal and image bands used by TelCal. Taken from AtmosphereScan.cpp of TelCal.




CASA <12>: au.defaultSBGainsForBand(3)
  Out[12]: (0.98999999999999999, 0.01)

CASA <13>: 10*log10(au.defaultSBGainsForBand(3)[1])
  Out[13]: -20.0

CASA <14>: 10*log10(au.defaultSBGainsForBand(4)[1])
  Out[14]: -15.228787452803376

CASA <15>: 10*log10(au.defaultSBGainsForBand(6)[1])
  Out[15]: -15.228787452803376

CASA <16>: 10*log10(au.defaultSBGainsForBand(7)[1])
  Out[16]: -10.0

CASA <17>: 10*log10(au.defaultSBGainsForBand(8)[1])
  Out[17]: -10.0

CASA <18>: 10*log10(au.defaultSBGainsForBand(9)[1])
  Out[18]: -3.0102999566398121
-- Main.ToddHunter - 2014-01-21

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