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Deconvolve a disk from a Gaussian using a series of trial convolutions while adjusting the guess accordingly. This is the inverse of the function computeExpectedFWHM.


au.deconvolveDiskFromBeam(fittedBeam, diskDiameter, tolerance=1e-05)
  • fittedBeam: this is the geometric mean of the full size as fitted in the image
  • diskDiameter: this is the expected diameter of the planet (or other disk-like object), in the same angular units as fittedBeam
  • tolerance: the stopping criterion in units of the measured beam size


CASA <2>: au.deconvolveDiskFromBeam(30, 5)
  Out[2]: 29.802554626902246

-- ToddHunter - 2013-12-18
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