From Harold's email, 1/21/2015:

This is the current list of "reasons" we have agreed upon to normalize and do statistics of the flagging that is entered into PL flagging templates:

  • outlier_amp: either low or high amplitudes (systematic difference in value)
  • outlier_phase: same for phases

  • noisy_amp: higher scatter in amplitudes (higher sigma)

  • noisy_phase: same for phases

  • delay: at least one wrap of phase v/s frequency in all spws

  • ant_position: same for the plot v/s time when field is a point source (over the observation time, although the timescale for this is not
really fully clear)

  • edges: noisy or otherwise bad amplitudes or phases at edges of spas

  • no_phacal: no phase calibrator after last science scan

  • quack: dip in amplitude at beginning or end of scan

  • tsys: high or otherwise bad Tsys

  • bad_rawdata: frequency “combs”, broad symmetric “birdies” or other artificial instrumental errors

  • bad_antenna: antenna bad in all spws

  • other: something not considered in the list above

-- ArielleMoullet - 2015-01-23
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