• To see if you are missing pointings:
    • look at the Field.xml file in the raw ASDM directory. There should be many fields listed.
    • OR: if you've already created the ms, look in the listobs file. If you have less than ~6 fields, chances are you have a problem.
    • OR: run au.plotmosaic(,sourceid=). If not a mosaic (usually just 1 circle drawn), there is a problem.
  • Workaround is described in http://jira.alma.cl/browse/CSV-2999 (see comment from Eric Villard on 30/Nov/13). You will need scriptForCSV2999.pywhich is attached to that ticket.
    • See Adam's note in CSV2999: In any dataset with Tsys issues to be fixed via au.repairSysCal , the Tsys needs to be fixed BEFORE applying your fix here. Otherwise repairSysCal gets confused mapping fields and names.

-- ScottSchnee - 2014-01-23
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