2005 January 13-15 Face-To-Face Meeting (AOC)

Scribe: AlWootten

Anticipated Attendees

  1. Tony Beasley
  2. DarrelEmerson
  3. BrianGlendenning
  4. Rich Grubb
  5. Christoph Haupt
  6. MarkHoldaway
  7. Robert Laing
  8. RobertLucas
  9. JeffMangum
  10. Bill McVeigh
  11. Rick Murowinski
  12. Greg Patton
  13. Debra Shepherd
  14. Dave Silva
  15. Richard Simon
  16. Dick Sramek
  17. ThomasWilson
  18. AlWootten
  19. Ryohei Kawabe (ALMAJP Project Scientist, Observer)
  20. BaltasarVilaVilaro(ALMA/JP Instrument Scientist, Observer)

Action Items (from the meeting)

Assigned to Due date Description State Notify  
AlWootten, RobertLaing, DarrelEmerson, JeffMangum, MarkHoldaway 2004-03-01 Need to examine the capabilities of out of focus holography. (go to action) closed AlWootten, RobertLaing, DarrelEmerson, JeffMangum, MarkHoldaway edit


14 January 2005 8:30 am Organization and Breakfast AIV&C plan the focus for today
  9:00 am Overview: (Robert and Rick; 30 minutes)-description and overview of the phases of work from equipment delivery through SV: a) delivery, assembly and integration b) verification, c) commissioning phase I and phase II d) SV e) demo science and early science.
  9:30 am Delivery, Assembly, Integration (Rick, 1.5 hours); - Look at the plan detail; collect notes for updating plan. Emphasis on examining task durations and resouces, links to software deliverables, resources provided by ops.
  11:00 am Break
  11:15 am Verification (Rick, 1.5 hours); - Look at the plan detail; collect notes for updating plan. Emphasis on examining task durations and resouces, links to software deliverables, resources provided by ops.
  12:30 pm Lunch
  13:30 pm Pre early science Commissioning (Robert, 2.0 hours); - Look at the plan detail; collect notes for updating plan. Emphasis on order of tasks, whether hardware prerequisites are correctly linked, completeness of tasks, resources and duration, staffing for commissioning, interaction with operations.
  15:30 pm Working Session
  16:00 pm Break
  16:15 pm PSI Plan (Sramek, 1 hr); - Look at the plan detail, comments as above.
  18:00 pm Dinner El Sombrero
15 January 2005 8:30 am Breakfast. SV and Operations plan the focus today
  9:00 am Post early science Commissioning (Robert, 1.5 hours); - Review plan for remaining tasks, prioritize, discuss resources needed and where they come from (Ops? Construction?)plan
  10:30 am SV, including end-to-end verification (Dave, 2 hours)- Review state of planning. Review and discuss the inputs needed for SV, especially what hardware, what commissioning is needed and what software needs to be in place. Resources for SV. Interaction with and participation by ARCs. Organize further development of SV plan.
  12:30 pm Lunch
  13:45 pm Demo science(Al, 15 minutes); - review ASAC comments on lead-in to Early Science
  14:00 pm Software support (Brian or Debra, 1.5 hours); - Discuss the installation, test and support of software, especially the size of staff and funding source for staff. Remote support? SCO, or in the regions?
  15:30 pm General Discussion, review of action items

  • All sessions in Auditorium unless otherwise indicated.
  • Meeting will include telecon or videocon link to NRAO/CV and M. Tarenghi.
  • Reading Materials: ALMA CSV Wiki

Minutes (fill-in)


Project steps under consideration:

(1) Assembly, (2) Integration, (3) Verification, (4) Commissioning (this latter one including the production and delivery of standard datasets indicating the performance and readiness of standard modes), followed by (5) Demonstration Science (proposed for, still heavily supported), and (6) Early Science (initial science operations), plus (7) Post Early Science commissioning (a scaled-down as-available version of commissioning).

(This delineation is a proposal based on the consensus reached at meeting..)

Immediately after Commissioning is where external (non-ALMA) staff/users start to propose for and use the system...

Current review of tasks associated with AIVC seems reasonable; no obvious changes to be made at this time (however current plan makes specific assumptions about preparations made at ATF)

PSI - Plan is still in development, and needs to be brought to same level of analysis as (and coupled to) AIVC plan.

At: Demonstration Science (t0) minus 10 months preparation for the "Early Science Call" begins; At: t0 minus 8 months the Call goes public.


Murowinski, Laing - complete AIVC tasks, description - estimate resource profile, skill set (Feb 1st)

Sramek - Complete PSI tasks, description - estimate resource profile, skill set. (Feb 1st)


Silva - reestimate complementary resource profile to support the above, other activities (antennas) (March 1st)


Action Item--- Research what benefits of Out-Of-Focus holography would be achieved at OSF. How many antennas should this be performed on - all or first few? - Wootten

Action Item--- Follow up with Front End on impacts of adding 3rd Front End Integration Center to OSF - Murowinski/Beasley

Action Item--- Check options for electronic and communications cabling installation on antenna. Who’s SOW responsibility to perform this work? - Murowinski/Beasley

Action Item--- Coordination of PSI and ATF computing support requirements and efforts - Sramek & Shepherd

Ongoing Action Item---- There is a CRE request being submitted from SI for OSF interferometer holography. - Murowinski

Action Item--- AIVC Plan is a deliverable of this meeting. Is there a further review and comment required? (yes; begin with Director) - Beasley/Silva/Murowinski

Action Item--- AIVC Plan in Rick’s MSP to be incorporated into the IPS to connect to other dependencies - Grubb

Action Item--- JAO to respond to the archive issues raised by CDR2 reviewers - Beasley/Murowinski

Action Item--- ATF Operator coverage (training, support etc.) to be addressed by P-SI - Sramek

Action Item--- A future detailed discussion concerning remote access to LAN that controls Array hardware.... Glendenning/Silva/JAO

Action Item--- A future detailed discussion concerning ARC resources - JAO, Operations

Action Item--- PSI to add holography and optical pointing telescope revision tests to phase 2 of ATF - Sramek

Action Item--- Investigate an extension for import tax exemption on the ATF Antennas. - Beasley

Action Item--- Incorporate into P-SI Plan Matrix a description of the ALMA requirements are being checked by ATF. - Sramek, SI

Action Item--- Check IPT SOWs to have resources to support their ATF requirements for two years. - Murowinski/Beasley

Action Item--- Nutator #5 may be required. - Murowinski, Beasley

Action Item--- Look at use of OSF pads in relation to AIV, Operations, Japanese antennas. - Beasley, Eschwey

Action Item--- Check elevation axis height of Japanese antennas. Transporter issue. - Murowinski

Action Item--- Robert, Rick, Rich Work the T-8 plan into IPS. - Date to release call for early science should be in IPS - Laing, Murowinski, Grubb

Action Item--- Absorb “Science Verification” into Demonstration Science in ALMA project today forward. - ALL

Action Item--- E2E planning, activities - need to examine returning this to construction project. - Silva, Glendenning, Beasley

Other issues to be considered:

- Board needs to initiate Operations activity

- ACA 12-m nutator - arriving late wrt ACA ant 1

- Japan CSV plan inconsistent with bilateral AIVC

- Japanese early science too early wrt bilateral ES.

- Numerous details associated with ACA 12-m access and control during early science period need to be examined.

Final: Plan another meeting post rebaselining, post procurement.

Meeting Presentations

Copies of the presentations and action items from the ALMA assembly, integration, commissioning and verification meeting held 13-15 January in Socorro are available in almaedm under the 2005 Meetings folder.

Accommodation Information

Auditorium is reserved for January 14th and 15th here at the AOC.

AlWootten had Christine make room changes to the dates just received, from the 13th and departing the 15th. If the gentlemen that will be attending can please give Liz Cryer more specific dates of arriving and departing that will be a big help.

I will have the room organized and ready for you.

Massimo would like to attend some sessions via telecon.

-- JeffMangum - 04 Jan 2005
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